Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seriously lower prices on Suzabelle at Anne Bocci Boutique. Weird phone call. Boutique drama.

What? Folks are upset because my published prices are too low. Never have I heard of such a thing.

I just got off the phone with the designer, Suzie Jaberg of the Suzabelle line...
It seems other boutiques that sell Suzabelle's Collection complained that I marked the prices down too much, and asked the designer, Suzie, to call me and have me raise my prices online, so their own published prices don't seem so high. What the...?
So Suzie, the designer is asking me to raise my online prices, with a disclaimer.

Sheesh, I pay the designer the same amount for her pieces, I'm just taking the price cut out of what I would make. I thought that's my prerogative as a store's my store I'd like to price my merchandise the way I want. As long as I pay my artists and designers to the agreed upon prices, I should be able to offer my customers a deal.

But since Suzie called me, and asked nicely, so her other boutiques don't do something silly like drop her as an account or get extra pissy, Suzie and I BOTH agreed I could say this..."For even lower prices, call Anne at 503.452.3711 or come in the boutique in SW Portland and I'll give you the lowest prices on Suzabelle..."

Besides, to futher my point, all of Suzie's designs are so adorable, I want the world to enjoy them!

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