Monday, January 26, 2009

Every day...

So I think my customers are darling.
Here Robyn is modeling the red sweater wrap and pieces she just bought at my boutique.
Okay, isn't she darling?
I love her 50s style bangs...
Robyn just moved to Portland from NYC and is an actor and studying veterinary medicine.

Red Laska sweater wrap, SALE $69

Mac & Jac Plaid coat $179

Suzabelle Yukata dress Was $159, SALE $69

Handmade leather, rhinestone and Swarvoski crystal bracelets $36-$149

Mackie, my dear old friend, outside after a fresh sprinkling of newly fallen white stuff.

Just remember, every day is a lucky day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NEW indie label at Anne Bocci Boutique, Madras 641

Firstly, here's a cautionary tale for everyone when disrobing.
Just now, as I was swiftly pulling my sweatshirt up over my head I somehow RAMMED the huge zipper pull tab up my nose.
Ouch. Is my nose dripping blood? Jeez, I'm a nerd.

Okay, now on to the news. I'm truly thrilled to have this new indie clothing line, Madras 641.

M461 Bubbly Bustier, $68

M461 Bow-Rogue Blouse, $66

M461 Infatuated Empress, $68

Twitter is one of the few social networks I belong to.
I'm finding it's quite a small world when I can find independent designers at every turn.
My newest indie label is Madras 641 Clothing.
(M641) is a brand who's goal goes right to my heart...they strive to steer consumers away from fast-fashion.
The label strives to make your wardrobe sustainable and memorable. Founded by friends Subu and Ina.
"Our collections feature tops, tunics and dresses in 100% woven cotton with lavish trims." The brand is founded by the two friends who left corporate america and now enjoy M641 as their full-time enterprise. M641 knows personally, the ever-changing roles of women as: socialites, travelers, students, businesswomen and moms. M641 is a true fusion of fashion and friendship.
Can't wait to see my customer's reactions...not to my nose ramming incident, but to this sweet clothing line.
To see more fashion, jewelry, handbags and art, why not mosy on over to my website:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pearls before breakfast.











Thanks to everyone who supports small businesses. We really really appreciate your business, lots more than the mall does...

Yay, a new year is here. So many friends and family members were hit with layoffs and health issues in 2009, not to mention the strife and dissension that goes hand-in-hand with trying to keep one step ahead the fire.

So with that, now is the time make new resolves, and step back to take a little time for renewal.

One of my many resolutions is to dress how I want to without regard of the occasion. My morning French-press coffee and cereal will start with Edith Piaf and Francoise Hardy. Work attire will include opera length pearls, layers and layers of jet, and exaggerated crystal lariats, just a bit over the top. The boutique will reflect my love of the Moulin Rouge, speakeasies, and the likes of 1920s secret gin joints filled with offbeat characters. The apparel will be a fabulous, handmade and original.

I vow to actively explore Portland's underbelly to uncover glorious finds of vintage jewelry, old beads, original Italian Murano glass, and shoe clips and painstakingly remake each piece with my own signature and exotic gemstones.

And I vow to show up at the PTA spaghetti feed wearing beads, sequins, and feathers. Yes, soon I will be that eccentric "lay-dee" with the pearls and fancy cloak, all just a bit before my nephews starting me their crazy Aunt Anne. And I want to do it all with a playful smile. This month’s Vogue Germany goes all the way back to the 1920s with “Indochine.” Fashion editor Christine Arp and photographer Alexi Lubomirski take the moment and capture my dream.

My daily style will reflect more cinematic drama, intrigue and allure... all before pouring my bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Hope your new decade is filled with celebration, art and adornment.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Whew, what a year...

Wow, talk about an interesting holiday this year.
Maybe the most unconventional of years, this year. Simply different, that's all.
Snowstorms. Power outages. Marooned inside for days. Digging cars out of snowbanks. Soup. Fires. Beading.

I'd like to think material things aren't important to me. If you know me, I'm happy with a cup of coffee and my old standby Lucy pants and a sweatshirt.
As my girlfriends Martine and Carolyn, know all too well, I do LOVE my favorite Lucy pants. I could wear them every day and even have been known to sleep in them, and awake fully dressed and ready for a new adventure. They're black, stretchy, flattering and act as "super MacGyver pants" when locked in a dressing room with their super-agent resourceful ways.
But I digress.
Yes, back to Christmas, yes, it was an interesting year. Let's see, the usual was said..."Really I don't need anything" and "it's all about Jack" scenario. And as not to upset the norm, Santa abided and brought nothing, except for washcloths and Dove soap. Sounds like an Albertson's or Safeway run to me.

Budgets are understandable and reality, especially this year. It's not about things. In fact, mall gift cards from prior years have a way of piling up and getting forgotten by me. For me, it's all about experiences and art.

So that's why I met with my favorite photographer today and ordered these photos for the living room and boutique.
I worked all through the holiday, and so art is my reward.
Thank you, my muse, Elisa Lazo de Valdez.
Truly, I'll enjoy these lovely pieces of art.
Yes, Santa did come.