Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Right now, I'm sipping the closest thing to God in a cup and ruminating about what makes a store successful. Thank goodness my rent is manageable...that's all I can say.

I've just learned that two of my favorite Portland boutiques are no longer in business or closing for one reason or another. Mimi & Lena, a Portland staple, has recently closed its 19th and NE Broadway store and Olio United is closing its brick & mortar store on SW Water Street down by Clark Lewis restaurant and OMSI.

Owning a small biz is tough as anyone who has done it can attest. In today's economic climate, it's even more difficult. It's hard work daily, but so rewarding. My boutique is teeny, tiny, so therefore my rent is less. Do I wish I had a larger boutique? Sure I do, but after a good, long look at things, I'm happy with what I have. Maybe tiny is good. After a lot of reflection, and since my square footage is so small, I've decided to focus on my passion, carrying special accessories, and jewelry, and one-of-kind statement pieces. Nowadays, with bead stores mushrooming up on every corner like NW coffee shops, everyone calls herself a jewelry designer. But to me, jewelry is more than beading. So I'm focusing my attention on different, one-of-kind forged metal pieces, and elaborate gemstone statements.


My customer, Sandra, is wearing this sweet Kensie jumper. It's fitted at the bust and at waist and free at hips. Decorative buttons at waist make the waist look teeny, tiny.
Darling as a summer jumper or layered over along sleeve top and worn as a tunic.
Side zipper...Blog readers can take $20 off and and get FREE shipping.
$98 - $20 = $78 plus FREE shipping.

Photobucket My newest designs. I adore the gemstone labradorite... it's inherent grey nature reminds me so much of gloomy Portland, yet there's a glimmer and flash of sunshine in each stone.

Olivine Tree Earrings ~ Clara Beau
Lovely little gold finish tree is detailed with olivine crystals. From Clara Beau. Earrings are 1.5" in diameter.

Mackie, the dog, wearing my boy's underpants, and not liking it one bit. Oh, how I find humor in simple things.

Here's my favorite SALE item...

Suzabelle Viola Silk Skirt, WAS $138, NOW only $48Photobucket
The Viola Skirt in violet silk is one piece you won’t be able to resist. This fabulous 100% silk skirt has a wide waistband that is decorated with a ribbed pyramid and small black buttons. The main portion of the skirt has three wide flirtatious ruffles. Additionally, the central portion of the skirt has an under layer and back zipper. This jewel toned color will go perfectly with for favorite pair of heels, sleek boots or black Mary Jane’s!
Suzabelle Viola skirt, $138 SALE $48
* Fabric Content: 100% silk
* Fit: fitted
* Color: violet
Elisa Lazo de Valdez is a photographer of the sensual and luxurious, gourmet cook and action movie addict. Rain invigorates and energizes her thus she loves living in the the Northwest. She's a commited photographer for over 6 years and a hobbyist 10 years prior to that. Her work has been described as sensual, erotic, surreal, dark, beautiful, inspired and just plain weird. I invite you to come and see her provocative photographs in my boutique/gallery.

Want to see more...Come on, it won't hurt a bit. Just mosy on over to:


Recent Tweets...

Since bead stores popped up like nasty mushrooms on every street corner, everyone and his dog considers himself a "jewelry designer."

So sad, Mimi & Lena Boutique is closing. I remember the days they were on NW 23th in Portland. Probably an icky insurance agency will go in?

Gamble everything for love if you are a true human being. If not, leave this gathering.

Witnessing an unattractive trend right now. Men sporting tight little perms are prancing around proudly with wirey little rat-like merkins.
I know it's all about the 70s/80s right now, with brightly-colored paisley hues, Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses, and Mid-Century Modern decor, right out of my Salem ranch house memory files...but please make this perm trend go away.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Suzabelle, Flower-Power jewelry, and J.Fein rings

This Suzabelle Adelaine Gingham dress is new at my boutique and it simply harkens back to an innocent time, possibly the late 1940s where the waist is emphasized and fabric belts ruled. The tie at the neck is super sweet. And two darling buttons adorn the back collar. The designer, Suzie Jaberg hails from Seattle where each piece is created in her head and on to paper. Suzabelle's designs are innovative, feminine, classic, and designer Suzanne Jaberg was recently dubbed the "Seattle Coat Queen" by the Seattle Times.

It is one of the few lines I have that is produced over seas. Suzie personally delivers her pieces to me, and says her goal in production is to provide great living wages and work environments for women in smaller, less-develeped countries. Their production manager visits the manufacturers weekly to ensure everything is running smoothly and that all aspects of development are socially responsible. She uses natural fiber materials and dyes whenever possible. Truly, her designs are so distinctive hot and unique. Every piece is a treasure!
Suzie only sells to small, independent boutiques like mine. Her brand gets the "Fair Labor Manufacturing" label.
I want everyone to enjoy and save on Suzabelle dresses, blouses and coats and skirts.
It's my goal to offer the best prices around. Was $189 Now $134

This Gold braided wrap bracelet/necklace is so versatile. It is closed by a cute vintage safety pin with a turquoise enamel charm on the end. This bracelet is about 28" long and wraps 3 times around your wrist. This could be multi-purposed and used as a headband or strand necklace as well! By indie designer, Katie Q, $35

Yes, this jumper is sweet. Super fitted at the bustline and waist, then free and flowing at the hips. The side zipper makes it form fitting and cap sleeves make it sweet.

Flowers, blossoms, petals. It's flower power all over again. And it's fun. Laugh In inspired. So 70s chic. Almost grandma's vintage. Necklace by Clara Bow. The aqua calcite with bronze patina back on 14k. gold-filled earwires by Holly Yashi.

So a sweet girl walked into my boutique a couple days ago carrying a little notions sewing box full of her friend's ring designs. She said her friend, Jessica from the Bay Area, the artist, asked her to branch out to boutiques in Portland. Well, I bought six of these original designs on the spot. Each ring is wood based with ornate vintage designs. J. Fein Designs. To see more, mosy on over to:
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gwen wearing Suzabelle Adelaine Gingham dress

My customer, pretty Gwen is wearing her new Suzabelle gingham dress.

Dragonfly pendant. To see more, http://annebocciboutique.com

Cat in the Hat by Jack, 7, posted only because it makes me smile.