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It's down to the wire! Winner of Project Runway All-Stars to be announced! Will Seth Aaron be the only designer to take the title twice?

It's down to the wire! The Project Runway All-Stars finale show is this Thursday, January 9, 2014. Seth Aaron Henderson, the winner of the season 7 of Project Runway is back for his second win against Korto Momolu and Elena Slivnyak on season three of All-Stars. If Seth Aaron takes the title, he would be the first designer on the show's history to take it all, WIN TWO titles, one from each show, Project Runway and Project Runway All-Stars. His BAM confident, take no prisoners attitude with his short dark polished nails, and edgy bracelets (from our store) are all part of his fierce competitive persona. But also it's his incredibly big heart that simply wins his fans over at any venue.

So far in the show, Seth Aaron's fun-loving but his straight forward and confident approach got him through the all the show's challenges safely but without a single win. After pointing out that Seth Aaron was the only one of the final designers who hadn't won a single challenge, in a classic Shakespearian style, the show was a bit dramatic foretelling either his imminent win or sealing his "out" fate.

With that, the episode 9 of All-Stars announced the next challenge with Milly, a New York fashion house is the client. The NY company was looking for a ready-to-wear look, with an "Urban Tribal" feel, under $400 retail price point to be made and sold at Milly, with profits going to the Save The Garment Center charity with Michelle Smith, founder of the New York company, being a guest judge.

Seth won the challenge with his sporty, fun, young, sophisticated "girly with an edge" dress. The dress is being currently sold on the Milly site with a rendition that is pretty close to Seth Aaron's original design yet his neon ruffle is now more of a coral hue. The words out of the judges mouths were "spectacular" and the guest judge Kristin Chenoweth, whose voice annoys me, wants it immediately in her little itty-bitty size. Oh, be careful when you look up Milly on the internet, if you don't add a couple extra letters like ny, you'll end up on a porn site.

Now let's talk about Korto Momolu. This challenge was a two-step process but ultimately, her dress in the Milly Urban Tribal challenge was just that, in my mind, a global punch of tribal colors and simple waist design. The judges liked it alright, yet commented on it in a tongue-and-cheek way that it was Republican in the front and Democrat in the back. In the end, they liked Seth Aaron's more for the Milly hook-up, giving him his first win. One thing about Korto though, this girl loves color and her designs and rich fabric choices are appealing on the big screen. Christopher was eliminated here, thus, he's out of the competition, although I personally like his designs a lot.

Elena's white dress for this challenge is reminiscent of Seth Aaron's designs we've sold in the boutique years ago. Everyone liked it alright, with different views on the front zipper. She has the talent but I just don't know if the judges think she has the balls and attitude, to to wear that All-Star crown. Elena is very creative and uses materials efficiently. Loved her design in the school supply challenge. The bust treatment and colors are wonderful. She's got talent beyond words but needs to reign in the tears. Although, with the lack of sleep they run those designers on, I'd be a waterfall too.

To see the full episode, it's here http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway-all-stars/video/season-3/episode-9/episode-9-fashion-cents

Now for the FINALE! It may be all about going global with a conscious and with a little help from the United Nations. Gayle King and Zac Posen are the guest judges along side Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman. Pretty host Ms. Milano will announce the final challenge with each designer's personal heritage in mind. They each have five days to create a six-piece collection based on their national backgrounds of Spain (Seth), Liberia (Korto) and Ukraine (Elena), capturing the essence of the country. The judges are to research the regions, and of course, take into consideration the personal stories from each designer.

One thing here, is Seth works well under pressure. Give that boy a challenge, and he can solve it. Seth's line is based on his Spanish heritage. Whether or not he really has a whole lot of it in his blood isn't the point. I can already imagine a very bad-ass conquistador and blazing-red matador feel to his collection. Can't wait to see how this plays out. Seth Aaron just makes things seem to work. In an interview with UNTV Alexandra King, Seth said, “I just drew a natural collection. It just flowed. It was not difficult for me to conceptualize what I was going to do.” That's his strength. No obstacles. No task is too big. Tell him to design for kids, and can do it and with the cutest little watermelon purse to boot. Tell him to go Spanish, and Antonio Banderas has got nothing on him.

Seth Aaron has confidence and the intention it takes to win. http://okmagazine.com/videos/ok-first-look-seth-aaron-shows-zanna-the-best-collection-hes-ever-made-in-the-project-runway-all-stars-finale/

This challenge is also right up Korto's alley and my guess is she'll be able to do well in the finale because she certainly knows her own style and already designs based on her heritage. Plus, her personality, persistence and drive, is a perfect match for an All-Star winner. In addition, Korto's story is remarkable as she was born in Liberia and then relocated to Ontario, Canada in 1990 due to civil war in Liberia. After studying fashion design Korto moved to Arkansas with her husband and began creating her line based on her African roots. Korto worked as an independent fashion designer went to Parsons School of Design, then was as selected as the fan favorite and was ultimately named the runner up of Project Runway, Season 5. If Korto does well in this finale, her chances of taking the title are good. But are they as good as Seth Aaron's? That is the million dollar question.

The other thing that I think may out in this finale show is the reality of fashion worldwide and its impact on the earth and people. Maybe the talk will go to finding collective solutions to socio-economic and environmental challenges. And how to educate people on where their purchases really come from. The tragedy at the garment factory in Bangladesh in April (the horrible photos spread like wildfire on the internet) is showing consumers the reality of factories, sweatshops, and how trade unions can improve conditions and help workplace disasters in textile production. This all goes back, in my mind, to supporting local, and knowing where your things are made.

So the big finale is Thursday night and only one designer can walk away the winner. Who do you think deserves it the most? My take is Seth Aaron or possibly Korto. If Seth wins, that's my buddy, and I'll be jumping for joy but reserved just enough not to be spilling too much from my glass. If Korto wins, then they picked a designer with a strong sense of who she is, and that's cool with me, too. I love Elena's school supply dress. But I'll always love Seth because he just makes things work, no matter what.

On a side note, Seth Aaron just texted me and said he'll be watching the show privately with family and close friends in Portland, but the public is invited to his usual Thursday viewing haunt, Vancouver Pizza, to enjoy the show on the big screen on satellite times.

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It's not like you won't be getting your fashion fix after this All-Star ends, because the beloved Tim Gunn, or as Michelle Lesniak calls him, the "Santa of Fashion" is getting his own show, "Under the Gunn." It premiers January 16, 2014 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, is a new twist on the fashion design competition, Project Runway. Gunn, the godfather of all things good, hosts a competition between Project Runway alums Mondo Guerra, Anya Ayoung-Chee, and Nick Verreos as they mentor and manage their own groups of designers. Two more Portland designers are cast on Under the Gunn, Amy Sim, 53; and Brady Lange, 29.


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