Friday, January 10, 2014

Seth Aaron named Project Runway All Star Winner!

This double winner makes Project Runway History.

Lightening strikes twice! I mean, really, who on earth wins Project Runway twice? Answer: Seth Aaron Henderson does.

Seth Aaron Henderson, the edgy Vancouver, Washington (minutes from Portland, Oregon) resident wins Project Runway All Stars, making history in the reality show, being the only designer to win both Project Runway and it's spin-off, Project Runway All Stars! This is unprecedented for the two shows, with the results announced on Thursday, January 9, 2014. How on earth did he do it? Intention. The thing that Seth Aaron possesses is determination slammed-dunked with intention and conviction, "This is the best collection I've ever made," Seth declares to mentor Zanna Roberts Rassi at the cutting table, with his then only two completed looks.

Host Alyssa Milano begins, "One of you will be walking away with the biggest prize in Project Runway history." And with that, the finale show started.

The All Star Season 3 finalists, Seth Aaron, Korto Momolu and Elena Slivnyak are tasked with creating a collection based on their individual country's heritage, Spain, Liberia, and Ukraine, respectively. They each have four days to create a six-piece collection based on their own individual heritage and the collection must capture the essence of the country. The designers will be competing at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York.

Zanna Roberts Rassi steps in to give her advice to each to do a little favor of bringing back three eliminated All Star contestants to help out the finalists, as "very able assistants." Jeffrey steps in to help Seth Aaron, Christopher helps Korto, and Viktor was teamed up with Elena.

But of course in time, the finalists get a twist. The gotcha? One more ensemble must be made completely out of scarves inspired by countries from around the world. Seth Aaron grabs his "Day of the Dead" print and goes to work.

Alyssa Milano is joined by regular judges Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi as well as guest judges Zac Posen and Gayle King, (yes, that's Oprah's O magazine cohort, Gayle King) at the final runway held in the United Nations office.

When Elena's collection first came out on the runway, she seemed happy, "Deep down inside I really like what I've done." Her textured, color blocked fitted pieces were based on the Ukraine flag colors and were textured wool cutouts over leather. Judge Gayle King expressed that Elena's looks seemed limited to one customer, a one-trick pony, "I'm not looking for someone who appeals to just one type of person." It's very specific. Personally, I loved the oval details but wanted them to at least line up on each side of the seam to create ovals. The judges ultimately wanted more versatility and so Elena was eliminated first.

Korto's collection was colorful, flowing, wearable, and very ready-to-wear. "Print is huge is where I'm from," she said, speaking of her collection based on her African country, Liberia. Gayle King says, "Yellow is my happy color, too!" Issac Mizrahi who obviously loves Korto says, "Of all of the designers, you are the most inventive. It made me feel like was really beautiful." But it was Seth Aaron's bold structured looks of his Spanish collection that edged out Korto for the win, making Korto the runner-up again, alas, the bridesmaid and not the bride in her reality show history. "Who gets to the finale as many times as I do?" she said, graciously.

Seth Aaron gave a great runway show and used expensive embossed lambskin on his opening look. But his stand out pieces were his bold solid red matador coat, long yellow dress, elegant white dress with "side-step" armhole, and beautiful scarf dress. He makes a statement being architectural while still being feminine. My view is that that particular red coat could have been sold hundred times over and over within the hour. I can just hear the buzz of those sewing machines at copy-cat factories working overtime tonight. But here's the deal. There is only one winner and that is Seth Aaron. "I'm going to nail this. I'm going to win this," is his verbal mantra. The guy simply designs and sews incredibly well, and, when faced with pressure, he performs even better. Give him any challenge, and like a matador, he can slay it.

I've personally known Seth Aaron as a friend for six years. We started carrying his designs in our Portland boutique, Anne Bocci Boutique & Gallery, six years ago right when we opened, before he even attempted Project Runway, Season 7, a few years after he was selling in the store. I know his entire family: wife Tina, son Aaron and daughter, Megann. So as a person, not a television personality or character (and there's a difference) It takes a lot of hard work, enormous energy and conviction to do this show and be in this business. If anyone deserves a victory, it is Seth Aaron. That man works his ass-off to get where he is.

Hearing of his triumph, Seth Aaron said, "I have a double title which is the pinnacle..." “Winning this show isn't about being on TV. Winning this show is about creating a future."

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