Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NEW indie label at Anne Bocci Boutique, Madras 641

Firstly, here's a cautionary tale for everyone when disrobing.
Just now, as I was swiftly pulling my sweatshirt up over my head I somehow RAMMED the huge zipper pull tab up my nose.
Ouch. Is my nose dripping blood? Jeez, I'm a nerd.

Okay, now on to the news. I'm truly thrilled to have this new indie clothing line, Madras 641.

M461 Bubbly Bustier, $68

M461 Bow-Rogue Blouse, $66

M461 Infatuated Empress, $68

Twitter is one of the few social networks I belong to.
I'm finding it's quite a small world when I can find independent designers at every turn.
My newest indie label is Madras 641 Clothing.
(M641) is a brand who's goal goes right to my heart...they strive to steer consumers away from fast-fashion.
The label strives to make your wardrobe sustainable and memorable. Founded by friends Subu and Ina.
"Our collections feature tops, tunics and dresses in 100% woven cotton with lavish trims." The brand is founded by the two friends who left corporate america and now enjoy M641 as their full-time enterprise. M641 knows personally, the ever-changing roles of women as: socialites, travelers, students, businesswomen and moms. M641 is a true fusion of fashion and friendship.
Can't wait to see my customer's reactions...not to my nose ramming incident, but to this sweet clothing line.
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