Monday, October 20, 2008

NEW independent designer: Aelisheva Couture at Anne Bocci Boutique

When the plain brown box was delivered to my boutique, I had two customers in the dressing room. I carried the box downstairs and said, "If you'd like to see some new couture dresses I just got in, we can open the box together." Well, within minutes, three of the nine dresses had been sold.

"Alyse and Sanja use different materials in a single garment, so no piece is just one kind of thing. Wools, with knits, with lace and sheers. Each dress could be framed and hung on the wall."
- Anne Bocci

"Aelisheva makes haute couture beautiful and affordable"
- Spork Fashion

"A fabulous collection replete with class, elegance, sophistication and originality"
- The Inside Scoop

"A wearable art project... beautiful and minimal"
- Fashion Frenzy

Aelisheva is Sanja Zivka Jovanovic and Alyse Radenovic
photography is by Hisae Aihara and Tom Weis
mannequin photos by the designers

Each one-of-a-kind artisan dress is $120

To see more independent, not mass-produced fashion at my boutique, see:

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Jamya said...

Great creativity..! These dresses are absolutely marvelous.

Just be...... said...

So, so, so pretty!!
Anne I sent you an email about purses. I hope you received it. If not contact me. My email is