Friday, September 12, 2008

Artist defies economy

I just got in my new Fall collection of wool and tweed coats from my Seattle designer, Suzabelle. They are classic, cozy, and reminiscent of Hollywood glamour from long ago.
And they are priced from $250 to $298. And I can't keep them in the store. Last night, I emailed Suzie of the Suzabelle line in Seattle and let her know that her new Fall coats are flying out the door of my boutique. She immediately wrote back and said thanks for the news and that surprisingly she had quite a few boutique owners contacting her lately with the same good news. She ended her email to me, with " foot."
And I thought she's right. If a design is good, and the piece is timeless, it possibly maybe defies the current economy.

Yes, I thought, a sublime Northwest designer quite possibly defies Bush.

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marty said...

What a great sentiment in this blog, Anne! Great slide show and the coats are cool. No wonder they're flying out the door. Hmm...maybe if you tied them down? Ha ha ha. Just kidding, great prices on those coats by the way.